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Gianluca Franzese

Gianluca Franzese “This collection reflects my belief that beauty is a process that happens over time, with a focus on underlying patterns and geometries found in nature. The metallic elements in the pieces are sensitive to the temperature of the environment, expressing a particular temperament based on context. This variable response means that the work is always …

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Luis Pérez

Luis Pérez “I love to paint portraits of the cities we live in, the patterns created by light or shadows, the reflections on windows and parked cars; sometimes I include a figure standing alone, waiting for something to happen.“ (Spanish, b.1978) Luis Pérez was born in Valladolid (Spain) in 1978, and earned a degree in the …

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Jack Wolfe

Jack Wolfe “It is the quality of adventure, of course, that delights me about painting.  When I was a little boy, I wanted to be an explorer, and when you are faced with a canvas six feet by eight feet, the possibilities for discovering are so great.  This is an infinite expanse.” Jack Wolfe (American, …

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Ana Monteiro

Ana Monteiro “Contemplating the kaleidoscopic features of the ‘self’, my paintings are deeply allegoric: through them, the portrait is shaped as a symbol, in an attempt to dive into the most hidden places of the identity and understand, at each step of the way, how daunting is the task of trying to figure out what makes …

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Chris Klein

Chris Klein “My priority is the balance of light and dark and colour, carefully choosing where to place each garment to coordinate with the others and getting the shadows to emphasize the textures, with the use of soft glazes to bring depth and sheen to fabrics.” (British, b. 1959) Chris Klein is a British artist, …

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Toni Hamel

Toni Hamel “I play with juxtapositions in order to alter perceptions, compelling the willing viewer to dig deeper, to watch rather than look at my images. I consider myself a storyteller and as such I like for my narratives to carry a message whether it be a pun, a suggestion or a warning. I tend …

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Conor Walton

Conor Walton “You might look on my traditionalism as a form of camouflage, a ‘trojan horse’ tactic that relies on our complacent veneration of ‘classic’ art to get past the usual intellectual defences; to reach and grab and hold the viewer where they least expect it.” (Irish, b. 1970) Conor Walton was born in Dublin …

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Conchita Bardají

Conchita Bardají “My way of seeing nature is closer to the abstract than to the concrete.  I am not interested where I have taken that image, I just want the beauty and essence of that piece of nature.” (Spanish, b. 1972) Conchita Bardají was born near the Pyrenees Mountains, and her childhood spent in that …

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14409 Vanowen Street, Oil on polyester, 19 x 2.75 in, 2019

Marc Trujillo

Marc Trujillo “My aim is to create work that speaks of the present, yet is also actively engaged with painting’s long history. Light is singularly important for me, as it serves to organize the work and is the one element that all aspects of the painting must agree on to convey.” (American, b. 1966) Marc …

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