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Chris Klein

Chris Klein “My priority is the balance of light and dark and colour, carefully choosing where to place each garment to coordinate with the others and getting the shadows to emphasize the textures, with the use of soft glazes to bring depth and sheen to fabrics.” (British, b. 1959) Chris Klein is a British artist, …

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Toni Hamel

Toni Hamel “I play with juxtapositions in order to alter perceptions, compelling the willing viewer to dig deeper, to watch rather than look at my images. I consider myself a storyteller and as such I like for my narratives to carry a message whether it be a pun, a suggestion or a warning. I tend …

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Conor Walton

Conor Walton “You might look on my traditionalism as a form of camouflage, a ‘trojan horse’ tactic that relies on our complacent veneration of ‘classic’ art to get past the usual intellectual defences; to reach and grab and hold the viewer where they least expect it.” (Irish, b. 1970) Conor Walton was born in Dublin …

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Conchita Bardají

Conchita Bardají “My way of seeing nature is closer to the abstract than to the concrete.  I am not interested where I have taken that image, I just want the beauty and essence of that piece of nature.” (Spanish, b. 1972) Conchita Bardají was born near the Pyrenees Mountains, and her childhood spent in that …

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14409 Vanowen Street, Oil on polyester, 19 x 2.75 in, 2019

Marc Trujillo

Marc Trujillo “My aim is to create work that speaks of the present, yet is also actively engaged with painting’s long history. Light is singularly important for me, as it serves to organize the work and is the one element that all aspects of the painting must agree on to convey.” (American, b. 1966) Marc …

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Reaching, 2016, bronze, signed at base, unique, 21 x 18 x 6 inches

Gustavo Torres

Gustavo Torres “The form is just the beginning.  The rest is left to each person’s connection as they add their own experience and spirit.” (Mexican, b. 1967) Gustave Torres was born in Guadalajara, Mexico where he began sculpting and training with accomplished artists such as Luis Larios at a very young age. After receiving his …

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Christopher Schulz

Christopher Schulz “With this chosen medium, they [the sharks] become an attractor of curiosity, one that brings us closer to our fears by showing these items in an elegant, beautiful way.” (American, b. 1974) Southern California based artist, Christopher Schulz, works in multiple mediums to create his sculpture. With an eye for form and geometry, …

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Walter Quirt

Walter Quirt “ “One peculiarity of art is that once it is contained within a painting it lives eternally, so that we today can respond without diminished vigor to masterpieces of the past as well as to contemporary painting.” (American, 1902 – 1968) A prominent American Surrealist, Walter Quirt (1902-1968) established innovative methods of painting …

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Jamie Perry

Jamie Perry “My aim is to create work that evokes sentimental feelings in the viewer, and transcends them to a place where life is simple and unobstructed.” (American, b. 1962) Jamie Perry’s simple compositions and minimal, yet striking imagery are the foundation of his work. Inspired by artists like Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, Maynard Dixon …

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Elizabeth Patterson

Elizabeth Patterson “I’m experimenting with asking how much information the viewer needs in order to see what’s there. I want the drawing to be something the viewer can relate to, but I want it to be something that you might need to look at for a while.” (American, b. 1954) Elizabeth Patterson’s color pencil artwork …

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