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Christopher Schulz

Christopher Schulz “With this chosen medium, they [the sharks] become an attractor of curiosity, one that brings us closer to our fears by showing these items in an elegant, beautiful way.” (American, b. 1974) Southern California based artist, Christopher Schulz, works in multiple mediums to create his sculpture. With an eye for form and geometry, …

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Walter Quirt

Walter Quirt “ “One peculiarity of art is that once it is contained within a painting it lives eternally, so that we today can respond without diminished vigor to masterpieces of the past as well as to contemporary painting.” (American, 1902 – 1968) A prominent American Surrealist, Walter Quirt (1902-1968) established innovative methods of painting …

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Jamie Perry

Jamie Perry “My aim is to create work that evokes sentimental feelings in the viewer, and transcends them to a place where life is simple and unobstructed.” (American, b. 1962) Jamie Perry’s simple compositions and minimal, yet striking imagery are the foundation of his work. Inspired by artists like Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, Maynard Dixon …

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Elizabeth Patterson

Elizabeth Patterson “I’m experimenting with asking how much information the viewer needs in order to see what’s there. I want the drawing to be something the viewer can relate to, but I want it to be something that you might need to look at for a while.” (American, b. 1954) Elizabeth Patterson’s color pencil artwork …

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Michelle Osman

Michelle Osman “My initial attraction to the storms is the way they enter into my life.  Gusts of wind, lightning and changing weather insist on a certain degree of attention that blue skies do not.  It is this dichotomy that makes the clouds singular and evocative. Watching a particular cloud formation, or a dramatic storm, …

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William Nichols

William Nichols “If I have attempted to do anything fresh as a landscape painter it is that experience of stopping to look at what can be just around us if we take the time to see it. Most of the images I have painted are from fairly mundane and innocent locations that are often overlooked …

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Bo Markenholm

Bo Markenholm “I try to capture the texture and feeling of it all. To capture the light that exists in shadows.” (Swedish, b. 1964) Born 1964 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Bo Markenholm has had a lifelong fascination with photorealistic painting, and he recalls a very specific moment as the catalyst in his decision to explore a …

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Anne Leone

Anne Leone “The focus of the paintings tends to be where the body and the surface connects.  If I had to identify a central theme in my work, I think it would be about human beings and their relationship to the environment.” (American, b. 1960)  Anne Leone was born in Los Angeles in 1960 and …

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Maurizio Lanzillotta

Maurizio Lanzillotta “I ended up uniting the two elements that most fascinated me from the Castilian and Italian landscapes. Hiding the landscape gives you that same solitude, that same suspension of time and of mystery. Finally the element common to all and the most fundamental, is the light.” (Italian, b. 1960) Born in Campobasso (Molise, …

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James Hollingsworth

James Hollingsworth “I’m especially drawn to items created between the thirties and the seventies. That was a time when design and function both held weight.” (American, b. 1954) James Neil Hollingsworth was born in 1954 and raised in Marietta, Georgia. Shockingly, with the exception of a few life drawing classes in the 1970’s, Hollingsworth is …

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