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James Hollingsworth

James Hollingsworth “I’m especially drawn to items created between the thirties and the seventies. That was a time when design and function both held weight.” (American, b. 1954) James Neil Hollingsworth was born in 1954 and raised in Marietta, Georgia. Shockingly, with the exception of a few life drawing classes in the 1970’s, Hollingsworth is …

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Juan Escauriaza

Juan Escauriaza “I try to isolate beauty from objects otherwise ignored. For me this is the intellectual and really creative part of my work process, where ideas get arranged and I make decisions. Almost always, my iconography revolves around the city as an homage to one of the greatest human achievements.”  (Spanish, b. 1961) Juan …

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Ronald Dupont

Ronald Dupont “When you look my paintings and move away from them, you discover more sharpness, and by approaching more closely you discover the blurs.  The textures and colors mix, and give a vibration to the painting.” (Belgian, b. 1961) Ronald Dupont is based in Belgium and captures the pulse of city life within his …

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Hollis Dunlap

Hollis Dunlap “I enjoy the look and feel of oil paint, so when I paint I try to retain the look of wet paint, regardless of the subject matter. Visually, transparent oil paint looks the best to me out of any painting medium.” (American, b. 1977) Born in 1977 in Northern Vermont, Hollis Dunlap began …

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Gayle Donahue

Gayle Donahue “Unexplainable outcomes, bad luck, spilt milk, the deal-breaker, the ‘what-if’, the epiphany, and the way these things are viewed and remembered, write my imagery. They define my superstitions.” (American, b. 1955) Gayle Donahue is a Los Angeles based artist who creates captivating mixed media works on paper and panel. She aims to capture …

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Domenica di Maggio

Ottorino De Lucchi

Ottorino De Lucchi “I deem drybrush paintings to have superior brilliance: they appear with more vivid colors, higher color saturation and overall a better contrast of light and dark.” (Italian, b. 1951) Ottorino De Lucchi has a background in science, with degrees in both chemistry and pharmacy. He uses his scientific understanding of the world …

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Michele Del Campo

Michele Del Campo “I like to think of my paintings as stories: little stories that suggest moods and situations. They are about young people and their problems and aspirations – snapshots of their life. Not just ordinary moments but moments that have real meaning.” (Italian, b. 1976) Michele Del Campo was raised in San Nicandro …

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David De Biasio

David De Biasio “Every single object has to be positioned in the right place. There must be a sort of ‘dialogue’ (chromatic and volumetric) between the elements, and here there is the significance of Morandi’s lesson.” (Italian, b. 1973) David De Biasio has constantly refined his craft, evolving his style to create new interpretations of …

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50409_Corbin_Digital Vellum_2019

Dan Corbin

Dan Corbin “When the Art Gods think you can carry the torch of social change, only then do they give you their cherished blessing.” (American, b. 1947) Dan Corbin’s sculptures are both a traditional study of the figure and a contemporary conceptual investigation. Within his work, Corbin aims to represent the past, present, and the …

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Rosalyn Bodycomb

Rosalyn Bodycomb “Art can act as conduit to a common reality where cause and effect are understood, where there is no chaos, where one can affect real change.” (American, b. 1958) Rosalyn Bodycomb creates compositions energized by movement and light in order to capture the impression of a fleeting moment. Her artwork stands as both …

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