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Conchita Bardají

“My way of seeing nature is closer to the abstract than to the concrete.  I am not interested where I have taken that image, I just want the beauty and essence of that piece of nature.”

(Spanish, b. 1972)

Conchita Bardají was born near the Pyrenees Mountains, and her childhood spent in that area instilled within her a love for nature at an early age. She went on to study Fine Art in Bilbao, Spain, where she mastered her ability to capture natural scenes in graphite. Bardají explains that her intimate connection to nature is essential to her work, and the mountainous landscape around her home is truly “part of her”. She approaches her work as a dialogue with nature, as a way to communicate with the divine within the environment. For this reason, Bardají aims to represent nature as similar to life as possible, explaining that “my love for her makes me represent her as she is, wanting to reproduce all her splendor”. 

Although Bardají creates stunningly hyperreal landscapes, she sees nature as an abstract concept and is not interested in depicting specific places. In decontextualizing the place, she aims to focus solely on the essence of the natural world and its beauty. Bardají feels that her connection to her subject matter is strongest when she is creating reality through her art. When discussing her use of pencil to create her work, she explains that it allows her landscapes to be “subtle, elegant, and ethereal”, giving them an atmosphere that allows the viewer to feel as though they have just discovered an enchanting new world. 

Her artwork has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including “Modportrait” at the European Museum of Art in Barcelona. She currently lives and works in Pamplona, where she has been the director of the Conchita Bardají Drawing and Painting Workshop since 1998.

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