CK Contemporary

David De Biasio

“Every single object has to be positioned in the right place. There must be a sort of ‘dialogue’ (chromatic and volumetric) between the elements, and here there is the significance of Morandi’s lesson.”

(Italian, b. 1973)

David De Biasio has constantly refined his craft, evolving his style to create new interpretations of contemporary still life. Born in the Venetian town of Jesolo, Italy, De Biasio’s artwork is highly informed by the rich history of Italian art. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where he learned traditional methods of painting while forming his own unique contemporary voice. Within his artwork, he aims to preserve both the classic and the new, crafting bold contemporary arrangements with an eye for harmony, balance, and precision — traditional themes that can be traced back to the work of Giotto. 

After his move to New York in 2003, De Biasio became invigorated by the city’s lively arts scene. He quickly became integrated within the community of contemporary realist artists and continued to refine his technical skills while attending classes at the prestigious Art Students League of New York. His current photorealistic style is stunning, and his realistic depiction of objects such as glistening fruit tempts the viewer to reach out and grab it off of the canvas, much like traditional trompe l’oeil artwork. Within his oil paintings, he includes classic still life elements, such as ripe fruit, delicate leaves, and fresh flowers. However, he also often adds intriguing and original details such as telephones, stones, and sculpture. De Biasio’s attention to color is also unique and each composition’s bold background highlights and compliments his subjects. 

His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including as “Percorsi nella Pittura Contemporanea” (Paths in Contemporary Painting) at the Museo di Bassano in Grappa, Italy, as well as “Natura viva” (Living Nature) at Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea in Milano, Italy, and “Object Permanence” at CK Contemporary in San Francisco. De Biasio continues to produce artwork with unparalleled ability and attention to detail while pushing the boundaries between classic and contemporary.