CK Contemporary

Michele Del Campo

“I like to think of my paintings as stories: little stories that suggest moods and situations. They are about young people and their problems and aspirations – snapshots of their life. Not just ordinary moments but moments that have real meaning.”

(Italian, b. 1976)

Michele Del Campo was raised in San Nicandro Garganico, a small town in rural South Italy. He moved to Milan when he was 18 to study fine art and has since gone on to receive degrees from both the University of Dundee in Scotland and the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.  He quickly became well-known for his unique compositions and eye for realism, and has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and solo shows. His work has received several awards, including the 2006 Premio BMW prize awarded by Queen Sofía of Spain.

 In his ongoing series of paintings he generally depicts an idle and melancholic youth, kissed by the bright Mediterranean sun. Although his subjects are radiant and beautiful, they appear contemplative and immersed in an inner world, perhaps struggling with a search for fulfillment. His compositions have a strong narrative element, often suggesting a connection to a greater story, as if they are stills taken from a film. This narrative aspect draws the viewer into the work, allowing you to create your own connections and storyline. 

As well as constructing a unique narrative, Del Campo also has a highly original and expressive painting style. He captures intricate details, from delicate water droplets to strands of hair blowing in the wind, making his work highly realistic. However, although he maintains a high level of realism, his brushstrokes are bold and painterly, filling his work with energy. His use of wet on wet technique emphasizes his painterly spontaneity and his vibrant color palette. Del Campo currently lives and works in Madrid, where he continues to produce work that is both visually stunning and thematically complex.