CK Contemporary

Bo Markenholm

“I try to capture the texture and feeling of it all. To capture the light that exists in shadows.”

(Swedish, b. 1964)

Born 1964 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Bo Markenholm has had a lifelong fascination with photorealistic painting, and he recalls a very specific moment as the catalyst in his decision to explore a career as an artist. As a child, he saw Ralph Goings’ iconic painting Hot Fudge Sundae Interior and was amazed by the possibility that such an illusion could be created on a piece of canvas. He went on to study Art History at Lund University in Sweden, where he gained a deep knowledge of historic art movements and techniques. He began his career as an artist painting portraits, and although it was not his ideal occupation, he explains that it allowed him to develop his ability to “translate a two-dimensional surface into something containing life”.  

Markenholm has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and his work can be found in many prestigious private collections. When describing what has allowed him to find his voice as an artist, Markenholm maintains the necessity to clearly see the world. He describes this vision as “to really open your eyes and notice the details, the shifting colors, and the effects of shadows”. His paintings capture remarkably realistic objects, such as oranges that have been freshly peeled, round stones resting on a beach, and succulent apples wrapped up in delicate paper. With his eye for light, color, and shadow, Markenholm fills each object with life. He explains that “My motives are not photographs but reality”.