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Nicholas King

“My intended purpose is to fascinate viewers and warrant extra thought towards an item they most likely wouldn’t have thought much of to begin with. I make the ordinary interesting.”

(Jamaican, b. 1996)
Nicholas King was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in New York. His practice began as a hobby in his teens, but after showing exceptional skill despite having no formal art training, King decided to pursue art as a career in 2017. He has always been fascinated with the tiny aspects and characteristics of everyday life and with what he describes as “the small picture”. His works are primarily hyper-realistic graphite pencil drawings of still life objects that he finds interesting or under appreciated visually. He begins by photographing his reference, and then painstakingly renders it back on paper while simultaneously making small adjustments along the way to improve upon the intricacies of the final drawing.  Each drawing can sometimes take up to two months to complete. King has struggled with ADHD and ASD (autism spectrum disorder), but finds that this naturally enhances his attention to detail, pattern recognition and spatial skills, and that it plays a big role in the meticulous complexity of his work.

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