CK Contemporary

Gustavo Torres

“The form is just the beginning.  The rest is left to each person’s connection as they add their own experience and spirit.”

(Mexican, b. 1967)

Gustave Torres was born in Guadalajara, Mexico where he began sculpting and training with accomplished artists such as Luis Larios at a very young age. After receiving his Bachelors of Fine Art at the University of Guadalajara in 1991, Torres left Mexico to pursue a career in the United States. He currently lives and works in Northern California. 

Torres is both a talented visual artist and a master craftsman. His visual imagery reflects the deep, quiet spirit of antiquity, and his textured finger work and carefully chosen patinas convey a worn, earthy presence. His forms capture intimate gestures such as a mother’s touch, a distant gaze or a lover’s caress. The power of his art is in its simplicity, tranquility and connection to life.  Torres’ style is both ancient and modern, with detailed rough texture that parallels historic artifacts, combined with the elegant, elongated forms of modernist sculpture. He strives to create a “spiritual balance” in his art and maintains that “art without spirit is nothing”. His driving desire is to connect his work to others on a spiritual level, and each piece begins with a fragment of his own past. As he explains, “The form is just the beginning. The rest is left to each person’s connection as they add their own experience and spirit”. 

Torres describes himself as an old-fashioned sculptor because he uses centuries-old lost-wax casting techniques to create his bronzes. He is directly involved with each stage of the creation of every piece, from the construction of the molds to the careful application of the patina. His sculptures have been exhibited at the Carmel Arts Association and prominent fine art galleries throughout the country. His work has also won numerous awards, including a Gold Medal in the National Competition in Guadalajara.